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Christ triumphant, ever reigning

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Dichter: Michael Saward
Componist: John Barnard
Bewerker: Jelle Stellingwerf
Thema: Common
Publicatiejaar: 2016
Bezetting: SAM and Organ
Taal: Engels
Formaat: A4
Aantal pagina's: 8

New music based on a brilliant tune. Jelle Stellingwerf arranged this beautiful music for three voices mixed choir with an independent organ accompaniment.

  • Verse 1: unison chorus
  • Verse 2: three voices
  • Verse 3: men in unison
  • Verse 4: three voices, 
  • Modulation
  • Verse 5: men (municipality) melody, ladies treble.

Listen to the tune and view the demo score at the left side.

A separate choir part is available: 20.224.002

Christ triumphant, ever reigning Inzoomen

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